This project designed while working for PARA-Project. 


Situated on a prominent corner between the campus and a busy commercial street, this site saw a lot of vehicular and foot traffic. Instead of trying to create an object or an experience that would force people to stop or go out of their way, we chose to embrace the movement inherent to the site. 

The project proposes a single tree planted on a modified car turntable - typically used at car shows - set to turn imperceptibly slowly over the course of a day. Every 24 hours the turntable would complete a complete revolution. This installation would be become nearly invisible to the thousands of people who pass by each day at the same hour - on their way to class or to work. However, to the observant few that pass by this installation at a different time, they may notice that the tree, typically associated with permanence, has been relocated 20' to the other side of the site. 

This light-hearted approach would make those curious participants experience the site in a way they wouldn't have otherwise, and think about the qualities of permanence and taking our build environment for granted. This proposal could become a new landmark for the city of Syracuse.